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Insulated Conservatory Roof Panel Replacement in Kent

If you’re looking to upgrade your outdated glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof panels, Panel X insulated conservatory roof panels offer a modern, energy-efficient solution without the high costs associated with a full roof conversion.

What Are Panel X Conservatory Roof Panels?

Panel X insulated conservatory roof panels are specifically engineered to replace traditional conservatory roofing, enhancing both the energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal of your space.

These panels are not only lightweight and cost-effective but also feature a closed-cell, water-resistant core, tailored precisely to fit your conservatory's dimensions.

What Are the Benefits of Panel X Roof Panels?

  • Year-Round Comfort: With an insulated core, Panel X panels help retain heat during winter and block out excessive sunlight in summer, making your conservatory comfortable in all seasons.
  • Energy Savings: Traditional conservatory roof materials such as glass and polycarbonate, offer minimal insulation. Switching to Panel X panels can significantly boost your conservatory's thermal efficiency and reduce your heating costs.
  • Durability: Built to endure the UK's variable weather, Panel X panels provide a long-lasting roofing solution.
  • Efficient Installation: Installation is swift and causes minimal disruption, usually completed within a single day.
  • Cost-Effective: Achieve many of the benefits of a solid roof at a fraction of the cost.
  • Customisable Appearance: Unlike typical insulated panels, Panel X offers a variety of finishes including tile and wood effects, allowing for greater aesthetic flexibility.

The Installation Process

Panel X panels are designed for quick installation. Here’s what to expect form the 4 step process:

Removal of
Old Panels

Panel X Installation Step 1

We start by taking off the roof bar caps and panel retainers.

Extraction of
Existing Panels

Panel X Installation Step 2

The old glass or polycarbonate panels are carefully removed.

Installation of
New Panels

Panel X Installation Step 3

The new Panel X insulated panels are then fitted into place.


Panel X Installation Step 4

Lastly we replace the roof bar caps and retainers.

Extensive Range of Exclusive Panel Designs

With an extensive selection of styles and colours available, Panel X panels can be customised to match the architectural style of your home as well as your personal taste, ensuring your conservatory looks exactly as you envision.

Panel X Exterior Panel Styles

48 stunning external panel graphics to choose from!

Panel X Interior Panel Styles

18 stunning internal panel designs to choose from!

Panel X Gallery

Check out our Panel X gallery, to see how the insulated panels can transform an old conservatory, and get inspiration for your own conservatory revamp.

Watch Our Panel X Conservatory Roof Video

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Panel X Insulated Conservatory Roof Panel FAQs

For more details or to begin transforming your conservatory, don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated Kent-based team. We’re here to help every step of the way.

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