Leka Xi Modular Garden Rooms

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Leka XI GRP Modular Insulated Garden Rooms in Kent

Transform your home with a stunning, fully insulated, modular garden room. Constructed with the innovative Leka Xi system, these modern GRP structures, are the ideal way to add an additional living or work space to your home. Your new space can be attached to your property or freestanding. This multi-functional installation is perfect for various applications.

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What is a Leka Xi Modular GRP Garden Room?

This innovative home solution will provide you with endless benefits. From optimal thermal performance to a secure living environment, you can’t go wrong with our garden rooms. We work with trusted suppliers to bring our customers high-quality installations.

Each property is unique, and so are our garden rooms. Each GRP section, including the framework, flooring and structure, is pre-manufactured to the dimensions of your project. You can send across your bespoke height and width preferences. We can work together to create the perfect garden room for your home.

There are various window and door options available for you to consider. You can make the most out of your surroundings and enjoy the views of your garden. The glazing will also flood your new space with natural light. You can choose from the following finishes: Leka Brick, Stone or Timber. You can also add your finish if you prefer.

Insulated For Excellent Thermal Efficiency

The thermal performance of our garden rooms is what truly makes them stand out from the crowd. There are many features to our installations which make them extremely insulating. Within the joists, there are PIR insulation sheets. Each part of our modular garden room is designed to give you a warm space that you can enjoy at all times.

Alongside these sheets, there is EPS insulation within the GRP framework. The internal plasterboards and high-grade weight rock flooring will also contribute to the enhanced thermal performance. We haven’t even covered the double glazed windows and doors, which are known for their energy efficiency. Enjoy a warm space throughout the year.

How Is A Leka XI Modular Garden Room Built?

The innovative Leka XI modular GRP system, is a warm, sustainable alternative to traditional wood or brick garden rooms. Made from highly engineered, pre-fabricated modular sections, every part of the Xi system has been factory tested before delivery.

Here our step by step guide shows the 7 step process we use to construct our insulated garden rooms, using the Leka XI system.

Leka XI in Kent Installation Step 1

Stage 1 - Ground Prep & Foot Installation

First, the XI system adjustable feet are installed on basic concrete pads, avoiding the need for extensive groundwork. Alternatively, ground screws are used instead of concrete pads.

Leka XI in Kent Installation Step 1
Leka XI in Kent Installation Step 2

Stage 2 - Installing the Base System

Next, after laying a membrane, the Leka Xi GRP base system is installed and PIR insulation sheets are placed between the joists.

Leka XI in Kent Installation Step 2
Leka XI in Kent Installation Step 3

Stage 3 - Adding the Modular Wall System

Then the pre-manufactured lightweight Xi wall system sections are installed.

Leka XI in Kent Installation Step 3
Leka XI in Kent Installation Step

Stage 4 - Installing The Roof

After the wall framework is in place, the chosen roof system is installed.

Leka XI in Kent Installation Step
Leka XI in Kent Installation Step 5

Stage 5 - Adding Insulation

Next, pre-cut, high-grade EPS insulation is fitted between the GRP framework for thermal efficiency.

Leka XI in Kent Installation Step 5
Leka XI in Kent Installation Step 6

Stage 6 - Adding Plasterboards & Flooring

After any windows or doors have been added, energy-efficient plasterboards are installed, along with high-grade weightrock flooring.

Leka XI in Kent Installation Step 6
Leka XI in Kent Installation Step 7

Stage 7 - Applying the External Finish

Finally, the chosen GRP finish is applied to the exterior of the structure.

Leka XI in Kent Installation Step 7

Realistic GRP Clad Skin Options

One of the biggest advantages of the Leka Xi modular system, is the huge range of realistic, GRP brick and timber clad skin options that are available. This means that you can get the aesthetic benefits of a brick structure, without the additional cost, or the look of a timber structure, without the poor energy efficiency and risk of rot and pest damage.

Leka XI Garden Room Gallery

Check out our Leka XI gallery, to get inspiration for your garden room project.

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We hope these FAQs provide clarity about the benefits and intricacies of Leka XI Garden Rooms. If you have further questions or to arrange your free, no-obligation quote, get in touch! Our Kent-based team is always happy to assist you.

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