Leka Solid Conservatory Roofs in Kent

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Leka Solid Conservatory Roof Replacement in Kent

Warm Roof Division are proud to be registered installers of the Leka Warm Roof range. Leka roofs are a more dependable solution than conventional glass or polycarbonate, and the innovative quick-install system is revolutionising the installation of home improvements across the nation. For Kent homeowners wishing to upgrade their conservatory or extension, Leka is the perfect choice!

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What is a Leka Solid Conservatory Roof?

With a Leka Warm Roof, structural ring beams, rafters, and ridges are fitted to your existing conservatory window frames. These sheets offer unique thermal properties to help keep the heat inside your home and can be finished with a thin, elegant plaster before painting. This system boasts an impressive U-Value rating of 0.15, so it can keep your home temperature-regulated all year round.

Insulated Celotex sheets are fitted throughout the Leka Warm Roof—another measure to increase thermal efficiency in your Kent conservatory. Next, a breathable membrane is applied to the weatherproof exterior boards, so rainwater flows through into the gutter system. This helps weatherproof your extension, preventing expensive problems such as leaks and mould. Your new roof is then finished with durable roof tiles in the colour and finish of your preference.

What Are The Benefits of a Leka Solid Roof?

Leka Warm Roofs is the only system in the UK to use glass-reinforced plastic, commonly referred to as GRP. GRP is lightweight yet structurally sound, strong enough to hold up the insulation and tiling in a Leka roof system.

GRP is a superior alternative to more traditional roofing materials. It’s not at risk of cold bridging, sweating, or condensation like aluminium. GRP is also immune to wood worm, moisture absorption, and potential rotting like timber or wood products.

Competitor products can weigh up to 40% more than a Leka Warm Roof system, causing unnecessary strain on the delicate walls of your Kent conservatory. Choose the better roofing system and call Warm Division Roofs to see if a Leka Warm Roof is right for you.

No Planning Permissions Needed

Upgrading your roof from an older roofing system to a Leka Warm Roof system doesn’t typically require planning permission.

Leka Warm Roofs are MFA certified, so they automatically comply with building regulations. This eliminates a step from the construction process and streamlines your installation. A new roof wouldn’t change the existing layout of your conservatory, making new permissions unnecessary. However, we do recommend that you check with your local council in Kent before beginning installation.

Thermally Efficient Conservatory Roofs

The Leka solid conservatory roof system boasts industry-leading energy efficiency. Competing products just can’t compare with their U-Value. For context, U-Values measure how much heat is retained or passed through a material, and lower ratings indicate that the material is thermally efficient and retains more heat.

Leka Warm Roofs have a U-Value of 0.15, which means that they lose less heat than other roofing systems. This is especially important because it means your Kent home will need less energy to regulate its temperature, potentially saving money on energy bills.

Solid Warm Roofs To Fit Any Conservatory Style

Leka Victorian
Conservatory Roofs

The traditional Victorian design is attractive practical and versatile and can perfectly compliment any property.

Leka Edwardian
Conservatory Roofs

The elegant Edwardian style maximises available space to create a functional I'm dreamy living area.

Leka Gable
Conservatory Roofs

The high roof of the Gable fronted style provides a grand appearance whilst allowing maximum sunlight to enter.

Leka Lean-To
Conservatory Roofs

A lean-to is the most affordable way to extend your home quickly and easily whilst making best use of limited space.

Leka Combination Roofs

Combination conservatories combine 2 different styles, most commonly forming either a P or a T shape.

How Does A Leka Solid Conservatory Roof Replacement Work?

The innovative Leka roofing system, is made from thermally efficient, lightweight material, which means we do not have to make any changes to the base of your conservatory.

Here our step by step guide, shows the 4 step process.

Leka Roof Stage 1

Stage 1 - Installing The Rafters

The first stage of the build is adding Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) rafters, to the existing conservatory window frames. This includes a GRP structural ring beam, rafters and ridge.

Leka Roof Stage 1
Leka Roof Stage 3

Stage 2 - Adding Celotex Thermal Insulation

Celotex conservatory roof insulation panels are then added allowing a 15mm gap from the internal sheets.

Leka Roof Stage 3
Leka Roof Stage 4

Stage 3 - Installing Outer Sheets

Next, the load-bearing, insulated outer sheets are added. These ensure less roofing bars and more thermal efficiency.

Leka Roof Stage 4
Leka Roof Stage 5

Stage 4 - Adding Tiles

Finally, a high-grade breathable membrane is installed, carrying through into the gutter system, and then the roof is finished with light weight tiles or slate.

Leka Roof Stage 5

Watch Our Leka Conservatory Roof Video

Leka Solid Conservatory Roof Tile Options

Shingle Tiles

A light weight roof tile, pressed from the highest quality steel for strength & performance, this range gives a traditional shingle appearance and are available in 9 colour options.

Slate Tiles

A hard wearing, light weight slate option, made from a recyclable blend of polypropylene & limestone. This range is available in 9 colour options.

Why Use Warm Roof Division For Your Solid Conservatory Roof Installation in Kent?

We Only Use High Quality, Energy Efficient Products

Our Team Are Warm Roof Expert & Highly Skilled

We Guarantee Our Work & Our Prices

Leka Before & After Gallery

Check out our Leka warm roof before and after gallery, to see how our Leka roof installations have transformed our customer's properties.

Leka Installation Gallery

Or browse our Leka conservatory roof gallery, to see some of our recent installations, and find inspiration for your own project.

Leka Solid Conservatory Roof FAQs

We hope these FAQs provide clarity about the benefits and intricacies of Leka conservatory conversions. If you have further questions or are keen on upgrading, do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions. Our Kent-based team is always happy to assist you.

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