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Here at Warm Roof Division, we are proud to supply and install a variety of Leka System products, from their Warm Roof range to the Leka Xi conservatory walls and base. Leka roofs offer a variety of benefits to homeowners looking to improve their conservatory or extension and are a much more reliable choice than traditional glass or polycarbonate options.

Leka Tiled Conservatory Roofs

With a Leka tiled roof structural ring beams, rafters, and ridges are fitted to your conservatory window frames. These sheets offer unique thermal properties and can be finished with plaster before painting. Insulated Celotex sheets are then fitted to increase thermal efficiency. To weatherproof Leka’s exterior boards, a breathable membrane is applied, rainwater flows through the membrane across the external boards and into the gutter system. Once this is complete your new roof is finished with durable roof tiles.

Leka Orangery Roofs

Similarly to the tiled roof system, the Leka orangery roof is fitted to your existing orangery complete with Celotex insulation. Strong, load-bearing, outer sheets follow, that are fully weatherproofed to reseal your extension. A glass roof lantern is then added to the structure along with fascia and guttering. Standard 12.5mm plasterboards can be used as part of the Leka ECO line for a more traditional, cost-effective finish that usually doesn’t impair the remarkable U values. The roof’s underside is then finished with high-quality plaster ready to decorate however you want!

Leka Xi Modular Extensions & Garden Rooms

The Leka Xi is an innovative single story extension system that offers high quality and swift installation. Homeowners will enjoy stunning visuals and numerous practical benefits, such as a reduction in their energy bills.

The multistep installation system can even see you spend less time living on a building site and having strangers in your home. The Leka Xi’s supporting feet are set on concrete pads and can adjust to different floor levels which eliminate most groundwork.

The “pre-manufactured” GRP base system is then installed, PIR insulation sheets are put between structurally advanced supporting joists and a floor perimeter beam. High-quality EPS insulation is pre-cut and precisely placed between the thermally efficient GRP framework. After window/door installation, energy-efficient plasterboards and high-grade floors are installed. This prepares the surface for plastering and flooring.

Then finishing touches can be added, choose between GRP brick/timber or stone skin finishes or the distinctive exterior Leka board that lets plasterers directly apply wet render coats.

If you like the sound of Leka please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us, our friendly team is on hand to answer any of your questions and give you the information you need for your project.

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