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Here at Warm Roof Division, we are proud to supply and install a variety of Leka System products, from the Leka Warm Roof range to the Leka Xi conservatory walls and base. Leka roofs are a more dependable solution than conventional glass or polycarbonate, and the innovative quick-install system is revolutionising the installation of home improvements across the nation. For Kent homeowners wishing to upgrade their conservatory or extension, Leka is the perfect choice!

The Leka System

With a Leka Warm Roof, structural ring beams, rafters, and ridges are fitted to your existing conservatory window frames. These sheets offer unique thermal properties to help keep the heat inside your home and can be finished with a thin, elegant plaster before painting. This system boasts an impressive U-Value rating of 0.15, so it can keep your home temperature-regulated all year round.

Insulated Celotex sheets are fitted throughout the Leka Warm Roof—another measure to increase thermal efficiency in your Kent conservatory. Next, a breathable membrane is applied to the weatherproof exterior boards, so rainwater flows through into the gutter system. This helps weatherproof your extension, preventing expensive problems such as leaks and mould. Your new roof is then finished with durable roof tiles in the colour and finish of your preference.

Leka Tiled Roof

The Benefits of A Leka Warm Roof

Leka Warm Roofs is the only system in the UK to use glass-reinforced plastic, commonly referred to as GRP. GRP is lightweight yet structurally sound, strong enough to hold up the insulation and tiling in a Leka roof system. 

GRP is a superior alternative to more traditional roofing materials. It’s not at risk of cold bridging, sweating, or condensation like aluminium. GRP is also immune to wood worm, moisture absorption, and potential rotting like timber or wood products. 

Competitor products can weigh up to 40% more than a Leka Warm Roof system, causing unnecessary strain on the delicate walls of your Kent conservatory. Choose the better roofing system and call Warm Division Roofs to see if a Leka Warm Roof is right for you.

Thermally Efficient Conservatory Roofs

Generally speaking, solid conservatory roofs are more energy efficient than glass conservatory roofs. Leka Warm Roofs takes this to the next level. 

A Leka Warm Roof system boasts industry-leading energy efficiency. Competing products just can’t compare with their U-Value. For context, U-Values measure how much heat is retained or passed through a material, and lower ratings indicate that the material is thermally efficient and retains more heat. 

Leka Warm Roofs have a U-Value of 0.15, which means that they lose less heat than other roofing systems. This is especially important because it means your Kent home will need less energy to regulate its temperature, potentially saving money on energy bills. 

Leka Tiled Roof UK
Solid Conservatory Roofs

No Planning Permissions Needed

Upgrading your roof from an older roofing system to a Leka Warm Roof system doesn’t typically require planning permission. 

Leka Warm Roofs are MFA certified, so they automatically comply with building regulations. This eliminates a step from the construction process and streamlines your installation. A new roof wouldn’t change the existing layout of your conservatory, making new permissions unnecessary. However, we do recommend that you check with your local council in Kent before beginning installation.

Leka Warm Roof Prices, Kent

Contact us directly to discuss our Leka Warm Roof systems with our friendly team, or request your free site survey for your new roof. Our prices are transparent and will beat any competitor within our coverage area!

Leka Warm Roof Systems Gallery, Kent

Get inspiration for your Leka Warm Roof system by looking through our scrolling gallery. You can see how a Leka Roof System can transform homes across the Kent areas. We have a range of customisation options to suit modern and traditional properties.

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